This website is dedicated to celebrate Brookelyn 'Boogie' Dolores Corbin, A girl who was born healthy and developed bacterial meningitis at the young age of four months, 1 week away from her second meningitis vaccine, and her long journey to overcome it and all the complications it left her with and at the same time to raise awareness to the life threatening disease that it is bacterial meningitis.

Brookelyn's brave battle against bacterial meningitis began on Saturday, March 28, 2009. She then spent the first year of her life living at Loyola University Medical Center fighting through many surgeries and other complications caused by the devastating illness.

Her struggles did not stop there, even after being deemed able to come home she had to continue to struggle daily. Because of the life threatening illness she was left unable to perform tasks we take for granted such as purposeful movement, the ability to walk, talk or even sit up, she was profoundly deaf, had cortical vision impairment, multiple brain surgeries, was on tube feeds, along with one of the worst seizure disorders most have seen, plus many other numerous complications. Despite all of this, she took everything with a smile and was always happy and content.

Unfortunately on December 26, 2019 at age 11, Brookelyn was taken from us too soon and left all her earthly handicaps behind to join the many already waiting for her in heaven.

She wouldn't have made it through everything she had without all the help and love we have received from all of the countless family, friends, doctors, therapists, and organizations that have helped us and prayed for our family in our times of need.

Please read her story and learn how deadly bacterial meningitis can be. Brookelyn was just a week short of getting her second meningitis vaccination when she contracted it and although she had overcome bacterial meningitis many years ago she continued to struggle with everything else it has caused for the rest of her life and in the end caused her to be taken from us much too soon. You can also visit her memorial page at or her obituary.